The New Zealand Bagpipe Co. provides top quality handmade bagpipes and vintage bagpipes
The New Zealand Bagpipes Company - specialises in bagpipe restorations and bagpipe repairs. Come to us for your bagpipe maintenances and services
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Refurbished Bagpipes For Sale

Circa 1890 Glens

  • Completely overhauled
  • Bores re-paralleled to original dimensions
  • Two imitation ivory mounts / rest ivory
  • $2900 NZ + PP

An exceptional instrument with great tone and stability.

Once only Special

  • Black Maire Wood (NZ native similar to Ebony)
  • Engraved Nickle Mounts
  • Made to 1912 Henderson specs
  • Nice steady tone, great for learner
  • $900 NZ + PP




Circa 1940?

  • Laurie bagpipes
  • African Blackwood & Casihe Mounts
  • Bores restored to original dimension
  • $2950 NZ + PP


Circla 1890 Gleas Refurbished Bagpipes with great tone and stability
Vintage Bagpipe - Black Maire Wood at $900 NZ
Laurie bagpipes made from African Blackwood with casihe mounts at $2950 NZ

New Zealand Bagpipes Co.
Bagpipe Restorations and Repairs

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