The New Zealand Bagpipe Co. - Quality bagpipe restoration and bagpipe repairs
The New Zealand Bagpipes Company - specialises in bagpipe restorations and bagpipe repairs. Come to us for your bagpipe maintenances and services
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New Zealand Bagpipe Co.

Mission Statement

To repair, restore and manufacture bagpipes that are of a quality equal to anything available, in a manner that honours the skill of the master pipe-makers of the past.

Bagpipe Repairs

Modern adhesives and tools have helped increase the quality of our repairs. We often see previously repaired cracks opening up again, and repaired tuning pins resulting in uneven bore surfaces.  We use musical instrument grade African Blackwood and imitation ivory plastic (with grain) for all repairs.

Bagpipe Restoration

We remove the old coatings from old bagpipes, check drones for steadiness and tone. Buff ivory and refinish woodwork.

About Brendon Fairbairn

Past Pipe Major, A Grade Solo Piper, Bagpipe maker, Bagpipe restorer and music composer.

Bagpipes For Sale

Handmade bagpipes by Brendon Fairbairn. Made from musical instrument grade African Blackwood, suitable for pipers from learners level through to A grade.

Vintage Bagpipes

We buy and sell second hand bagpipes. All sets have been tested and repaired as required.

Wasp Drone Reeds

A revolutionary design gives New Zealandís first plastic drone reeds good reliability, exceptional tonal qualities and stability.

New Zealand Bagpipes Co.
Bagpipe Restorations and Repairs

Brendon Fairbairn